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Father’s Day

June 20, 2010

Happy Father’s Day to everyone and all dad’s everywhere – where would we be without them. This year Geraint wanted a special saw to do the floor upstairs so I let him buy it but thought it would be nice to to make some apricot jam, from my friend Lesley’s tree, and some fresh bread.

Oh dear, baking bread spiraled into more zucchini bread – a mini one for my friend Anne, a mini one with chocolate chips for Matt to try, a 2 large ones, then while I was doing that Will made the apricot jam (I had to “pip” the apricots!).2010-06-20 13.14.49

Will stirring jam with the right hand and oh yeah, he claims he was multi-tasking, stirring the zucchini bread as well!!!!!

There were too many apricots for the jam so I thought I would make apricot crumble as well. Sadly, the apricots were too runny so they bled over the crumble mixture but it looks delicious and I can’t wait to have some for desert!


Back: Apricot jam (oops ran out of jars, so used plastic containers and will use them first),2 loaves of bread  – round one had sesame seeds, tin has poppy seeds on top.

Bottom: zucchini bread, Matt’s mini loaf with choc’ chips, crumble the raisins caught.


Instead of going out for dinner, Geraint decided he would rather stay home and eat bread and cheese and garlic in oil and have crumble for desert. Matt kindly took the photo before we cleared the table for tea. Wish you could be there to taste test. even Matt liked the bread.


Sadly we had an unexpected surprise today _ Geraint went to sort out the pool and noticed the filter was leaking. Having been really good at fixing things recently (including the jammed cake mixer), he took the ring off the filter and – yes it broke into several pieces! Oh, we’ve lived in the house for 12 years, since 1998 and the filter is older than that, pre 1991 so yes, Happy Father’s Day – we now need a new filter if we want to swim this summer! I guess we’ll take it in our stride and get a new one. It will become another thing on the to do list because we wanted to do some things around the pool this summer. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh can you hear me screaming!

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