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We have flooring!

June 26, 2010

Yeah, we went to Palm Desert yesterday (ok City of Industry was nearer but traffic at 3pm ??? ) We headed for the desert – a nice run in a borrowed truck. Passed all the wind farms – I love the windmills there is something elegant about them just standing there as if chatting with each other and leisurely turning (obviously not a windy day). We found Lumber Liquidators – finally, so well hidden we had to ring and ask where they were. It was the only loop we hadn’t been through!

Initially I wanted Bamboo flooring. I liked the blonde colour because I thought it looked modern, cool and possibly eco friendly. But Geraint is concerned about bamboo products because of the chemicals used to process it. Plus, they are sometimes made in China which means they have to be transported to the USA (more pollution!). He found Hickory on clearance at Lumber Liquidators, for only 10c more per square foot  and fell in love with it. Its slightly darker, which blends well with the knotted pine ceiling, stronger hence more resilient to teenage feet, does not have a strong grain pattern which was one of my objections to the oak, and the hand scraped slightly rustic look finish will be forgiving on the occasional dropped pair of scissors, rotary cutter or pliers.




22 boxes are now acclimatizing in the room!

I was surprised at just how tall and strong Will really is! He stood below the balcony and lifted up each box to Geraint who took it inside. It looked like he’d had a work out 19 boxes later (Matt kindly carried up 3 boxes) but that was good for him!

So wouldn’t it be nice to cool off in the pool  – oops sorry forgot the pea soup! But the veggies are thriving and I might start using the pool water to water them!

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