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July already & more photos for Clive

July 1, 2010

Just a quick to do list for the month and photos of the studio/family room progress.

Application for Art for Heaven’s Sake – 100% (now waiting for a reply)

Bracelet blanks –100%

Santa Monica gem show

Will summer school – A – great well done!

Find somewhere for a few days away from the house painting etc… oops got side tracked

Bread making, finding some interesting zuc’ recipes and using our own veggies on going, yeah!


Spinach, lettuce, tomatoes and peppers from out own garden for tea one night this week.

Boys bedrooms – they are deaf to this!

Finish pink blanket bag – mislaid crochet hook, found and can now finish

2 new bracelet designs – 50 % on each, you’ll have to wait for the unveiling!

Possible new earring design – getting there.

Pool filter – ordered & waiting arrival, along with new timer.

Pool pump and filter house – remove!

Christmas quilt design

Both boys have Wildwood Music camp at the end of the month, next week is Matt’s marching band camp, Will’s band camp the 1st week of August)

Studio/family room – on going but I have new photos


Geraint and Matt framing the cupboard doorway


Geraint explaining how to do something with the drill.


Geraint put in a central support! Sadly I didn’t have the camera handy when Geraint was testing the frame by swinging from the doorway frame!


This is our nightmare corner! When we first moved in it had tiles and a Franklin stove in it. The toddlers that were in the house loved playing around the stove and sooty fingers got everywhere. The stove and tiles went! We covered up the area with a play rug but now were are putting down flooring we have to deal with the old glue and this black bitumen type glue – note to self don’t do this for the next person who buys the house! The old glue scrapes off easily, the black stuff DOESN’T WANT TO LEAVE the floor! You can see where we’ve scraped and sanded the left hand side and just need to do the bit under the planks of wood. The lump if black stuff making the corner – we’ve scraped and scraped and I guess will do more scraping! The mini shop/ vac I bought at the weekend is great for cleaning up all this stuff, I was so thrilled to have found it!


Remember the dark stained brown window frames – GONE! It makes the room look bigger and lighter and I wish we’d done it years ago. Even the windows which could do with replacing (but not this year) but the new coat of paint and a wash makes them look so much better.


Starting to paint the big picture window at the front!

Last night I crashed early I was so tired and woke up this morning to find this!


Yeah – the back end of the cupboard that lines up with the stairs


Wow, the cupboard has a front to it. Not sure if we are going to put the downstairs door on the cupboard or find a door, didn’t see one I liked at the weekend! Thank you so much Will and Matt for helping Geraint cos I just too tired!

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