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New style bracelets and earrings

July 19, 2010

Last Fall my friend Linda showed me a bracelet she’d bought. I was interested in the design but I needed to learn some new skills to try it for myself. This summer my friend Adele taught me the basics of wire wrapping and I decided to experiment with the design for myself.

IMG_1952 I don’t know what to call this yet, other than a bracelet! Perhaps “stacks”. It took a good 2 hours to make this with all the wire wrapping. Candy thought the 1/2 inch buttons made it quite chunky, which I’d also thought, which is why I added the heavy brown glass beads. (Each group had 10 buttons but the earrings have 6 buttons))

But I couldn’t leave it there I had to make matching earrings!


Then I decided to experiment with smaller buttons (shirt size) of which I seemed to have many and created this bracelet with matching earrings…


Yes, each one of those single buttons I wire wrapped separately. The smaller buttons give it a lighter feel and I liked the way the groups of three buttons dangled. (This bracelet had groups of 7 buttons together in the bracelet and in the earrings)

I think I will be showcasing these in the new Redlands Art Association show, and take in for that is on Friday.

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