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20 years ago today I met Geraint

August 4, 2010

Yup, its hard to believe when he popped round with a bar of chocolate on his return from a conference in Switzerland that we’d be living in California with two teenage boys twenty years later! He pulled the sob story, his sister was away, he was alone etc… and I invited him to dinner….and the rest is history. Its been lots of fun – thanks honey and hopefully many more adventures together.

Writing this I realized July is over, I haven’t blogged for almost 3 weeks! We’ve been busy with music summer camps, trying to pull together upstairs, make desks for the boys and an archaeological dig in Matt’s bedroom! I’ve tinkered with new designs for bracelets and earrings in the evening when we’ve watched tv and started some crochet just for the fun of it.

But next week its back to school and I have lots of plans for the rest of August which will only have 3 weeks left! But it will be good to get back into a routine even if it means the day starting at 6.30am!

I was thrilled to get the acceptance letter from Art for Heaven’s Sake this year and its a reminder that the Fall show season kicks off that weekend. And with both boys in marching band its going to be busy.

In addition Artist’s for a Cause has linked up with the Children’s Fund of San Bernardino and hope to have a successful show in November and we are starting to send out acceptance letters to some wonderfully creative artists.

So I guess this brings me round to my to do list for the month…

July’s list was really short because I knew time would be precious

Boys bedrooms – Will done.  Matt’s still needs much love and attention and a yard sale to clear the house of unwanted clothing, books and toys.

Pink blanket/bag – done. It looks lovely and I’ll take a photo and post it.

2 new bracelet designs – done & more spin off experiments from them (see previous post)

new earring design – done

Pool filter – in and working –thank you Geraint!

Remove Pool pump & filter house? Not this year. trees need sorting more urgently.

Christmas quilt design – 0%.

A post about joining an art show for the first time and what was really needed. I’ve jotted down some ideas and might actually publish it.

Thankfully not a huge carry over list…

Although this is a list for August I think it will definitely wrap over into September because there are 10 weeks and 2 days until Art for Heaven’s Sake!

50 bracelets – started

50 prs of earrings – started

Secret surprise birthday pressies… um already begun!

Artist bio for Art for Heaven’s Sake and Artist’s for a Cause

24 mini Christmas tree decorations in green, red and white

Christmas wall hanging for my friend Teri

Christmas wall hanging for Cynthia in Newfoundland

Sort out studio -fabrics ready to make Christmas wall hangings, and baby quilts

(I’d like to have about 6 wall hangings and a full size throw for Art for Heaven’s Sake.)

Small boy quilt – I was thrilled to get a commission for this and it needs to be done by next week.

Matt’s bedroom – finish emptying it by the time he goes back to school and neat piles of boxes for a yard sale before marching band season really kicks off.

Studio cupboard – help Geraint get it finished – which will help the house!

Keep watering the veggies which are doing wonderfully. We have 5 types of tomatoes thanks to the self seeded plants and fingers crossed some wonderful butternut squash to eat later in the fall. We have plans for next year.

Write the article about 1st time shows…

Start walking Mei again – I’ve fallen off the wagon, she loves it, I really think it helps me creatively and my knees. I would love to lose about 10 lbs and then think about some more after that.IMG_1914

Sunset San Clemente beach – it was fantastic.

PS. I might be turning the blog into a real website… but only if Candy has time to help me. There is no chance of help from Will, Mum’s website is far toooo boring!!!

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